Stone Metaphysics

This is intended to be a basic guide to some of the metaphysical properties of some of the stones that we work with. This is not a complete guide, and does not mean we currently have every stone in stock.

Belief in the "metaphysical healing power" of rocks and crystals is not a new belief, but rather a practice that dates back to ancient history. All ancient cultures have documentation of metaphysical healing, with the earliest being found in Egyptian records. This is not intended to be used as medical advice or guidance.

If you would like to further your knowledge of this belief we recommend the book

The Complete Crystal Handbook : Your Guide to more than 500 crystals

by Cassandra Eason


Abalone-Is thought to enhance feelings of peace, compassion, and love. Great in times of tough emotional stress because of its ability to calm nerves and anxiety.

Agate-Agates come in a wide range of colors and styles (banded agate shown). Overall agates are suggested to enhance mental function by improving concentration and perception. It can also create a sense of safety.


Amazonite-Is a green or blue/green member of the feldspar family. Is referred to as the gamblers stone because it tends to encourage good fortune. It is thought to soothe the nervous system, and to deescalate tense or aggravated situations.

Amber-Can vary in shades from butterscotch to true amber. Is thought to absorb pain and negative energy. Helps clear depression by encouraging decision making and spontaneity. Can help bring overall balance.


Amethyst- February's birthstone. Can vary in color from violet to dark purple. Can help ease pain and also improve circulation. Is also thought to help increase spiritual awareness and balance.

Apatite-Has a wide variety of color variances (blue shown). Is thought to help clear confusion and frustration. Can help reduce irritability. Is also believed to assist with hyperactivity and autism.  Helps promote knowledge expansion and empathy.


Aquamarine-March's birthstone. Can help with releasing anger and relieving stress by quieting the mind. May also help overcome judgmental-ism. Promotes safe water travel.

Aragonite- Aragonite is a form of calcium, and can vary in color.  Is said to help combat twitching and spasms. Can help with reducing stress, promote stability and clear perception.


Aventurine- Can range in color from golden brown to green (green shown). Is suggested that it brings calmness, and balance. Can assist in diffusing negative emotions. Reinforces leadership skills and promotes compassion.


Azurite- Is believed to help clear tension and confusion. Can promote psychic dreams and expand the limit of our minds. May also assist in overcoming emotional trauma.


Bloodstone- Is thought to help cleanse the blood, and is considered a great energy cleanser. Helps to raise intuition and creativity. Also works as a grounding stone.


Bronzite- Can help release insecurities and encourage self confidence. May also help to restore balance and harmony to the mind.


Carnelian- Carnelian is a form of chalcedony. Can vary in color from reddish/orange to brown. Is believed to stimulate and balance women's reproductive organs. Can be an anchor to reality and help to restore motivation. May assist in helping overcome abuse of all types. 

Celestite- The color can vary from light blue to white. Thought to bring overall harmony and balance. Can assist in finding and holding inner peace. May be helpful in contacting guardian angels.


Chalcedony- Is in the quartz family and is usually gray in color but can also be brown, blue, white, or even black (blue shown). Is thought to promote good will. Through absorbing negative energies is thought to bring harmony and balance. Can instill thoughts and feelings of generosity.

Charoite-Is believed to promote unconditional love and open the heart. Can reduce worry and stress levels. May come in handy when trying to overcome fears of any type.


Chrysocolla-A member of the quartz family also called Gem Silica. Is thought to be a calming stone, and allows the release of guilt. Helps to heal broken hearts, and promotes inner balance on all levels.

Chrysoprase- Chrysoprase is a green version of chalcedony. Can help in the fight with depression and anxiety. It encourages fertility in both men and women. May be able to prevent nightmares. Thought to attract new love. Promotes joy and happiness.


Citrine-Citrine is a golden quartz. Aids in reducing anxiety, fear, and depression. Is believed to promote a healthy urinary tract. Helps create emotional clarity. Also encourages creativity and motivation.

Copper-Is believed to improve circulation and help detoxify the body. Promotes flow of energies and communication. May help you to be more optimistic and independent.


Coral-Coral is available in a wide variety of colors (red shown). Overall is believed to help with intestinal issues, kidney stones, and insomnia. Helps to combat foolishness and nightmares. White-balance and relaxation Pink-friendship and love Red-passion and creativity

Black-Peace and serenity 


Crystal (clear quartz)-One of the most common minerals on the planet. Is believed to promote wisdom and clarity. Is used in general healing. Improves communication, positive thoughts, and memory. May amplify prayers and wishes.

clear quartz

Diamond-April's birthstone. Diamonds come in a variety of colors. Clear-balance and clarity. Black-grants courage to see clearly Blue-encourage self care Pink-creative expression Yellow-thoughtfulness and consideration


Emerald-May's birthstone. Is believed to inspire loyalty, truth, and domestic bliss. May signal unfaithfulness by changing color. Encourages emotional healing. Promotes overall heart health.


Flourite-Common colors are white, yellow, blue, green, purple, or a mixture (green/purple shown). Is thought to promote healthy bones and teeth. May increase dexterity. Can shut down mental manipulation. Stimulates coordination both mentally and physically.


Garnet- January's birthstone. Is available in a variety of colors but red and green are the most popular (red shown). Can help purify and balance energy. May also assist in balancing the sex drive. Suggested in removing emotional disharmony. 


Hematite-Is an iron ore. May help enhance focus and concentration. Blocks the absorption of other's negativity. Can impart confidence through boosting self-esteem and willpower. Is believed to have beneficial effects on legal situations.

Herkimer Diamond-Is quartz crystals only found in Herkimer County, New York. Promotes creativity and smooth energy flow. May help with dream recollection. Stimulates conscious attunement to the highest level.

herkimer diamond

Howlite-White in color and may contain brown or black veins. Can be dyed to resemble turquoise. Is believed to help in the reduction of rage, pain, and stress. Encourages calm communication and emotional expression. Stimulates the need for knowledge. 


Hypersthene-Can be blackish brown or blackish green. May promote ease in social situations by creating calm and quiet for the wearers mind. Is considered a protection stone because it can shield from chaotic stimuli.


Iolite-Can vary in shades of blue and violet. Encourages clear thoughts by organizing thought patterns. Can open your intuitions. May aid in the understanding and releasing of causes of addiction.  Is also believed to improve eyesight.


Jasper-There are many colors and types of jasper (red shown). Overall jasper is thought to bring support in times of stress by encouraging tranquility. May help protect and absorb negative energies. Is also thought to aid in clearing environmental pollution including radiation.

red jasper
k2 jasper

K2 Jasper-Is believed to open our consciousness to receive guidance. Can be grounding and aid in the promotion of clear and organized thoughts

Kunzite-Can range in color from pink to violet. Is believed to aid in creating healthy romantic situations by allowing healthy communication of love. May aid in healing heart break. Attracts gentle friends. Allows us to combine compassion and discipline.


Kyanite-Can be clear, blue, or green (blue shown). Helps provide overall balance. May assist in dispelling blockages to create better energy flow. Encourages communication on all levels. Can help in promoting serenity and calm.

Labradorite- Part of the feldspar family, can vary in color. Is thought to promote healthy eyes, nerves, brain, bones, and spinal cord. Promotes psychic abilities and strengthens your aura. Can impart mental strength and perseverance. Also thought to heighten your intuition.

blue lace agate

Lace Agate-Comes in a variety of colors and styles (blue shown).

Blue-hope, unity, optimism, positive thinking     Mexican lace-helps lift depression

Pink-promotes friendliness and happiness     White-attunes us to our highest mind

Lapis Lazuli-Commonly called Lapis, may include pyrite flecks or veins. Helps heighten self awareness and self expression. May aid in unveiling inner truths. Stimulates clarity and inspires confidence.

lapis lazuli
lava rock

Lava Rock-Is suggested to be a grounding stone by strengthening our connection to the Earth. Can promote feelings of stability through times of change. May assist in dissipating anger.


Lepidolite-Aids in the reorganization and release of old behavioral and psychological patterns. May assist in soothing stress and depression by dissipating negativity. Used in deep emotional healing. May help with insomnia. 


Malachite-Available in varying shades of green and is often banded. Believed to boost the immune system. Aids in emotional, spiritual, and mental growth. Can absorb negative energies and pollutants. Reflects the feelings of those who wear it.

Marcasite-Also known as white pyrite. Aids in powerful meditation. Believed to promote wisdom, courage, and expression.


Meteorite-Shooting stars that have landed on Earth. Thought to enhance cosmic wisdom, celestial love, and psychic powers. Also believed to accelerate our mental growth and ability. 

Moldavite-A green meteorite only found in the Czech Republic. Thought to allow for rapid spiritual transformation, evolution, and healing. Allows us to communicate with our higher self.


Mookaite Jasper- Commonly called mookaite. Provides support in times of stress. May aid in decision making and allow you to be more accepting of change. Believed to help resolve inherited patterns and ancestral trauma.


Moonstone- Part of the feldspar family. Is suggested to aid in balancing the digestive and reproductive systems. Helps bring mental balance. Can promote inspiration and stabilized emotions. Is also referred to as the new beginnings stone.


Obsidian-Is formed when lava is rapidly cooled. Is believed to relieve the pains of arthritis and cramps. Forms a shield against negative energies. Can aid in the release of mental stress and tension.


Opal-October's birthstone. Comes in a variety of colors and styles (boulder opal shown). Overall is thought to promote freedom and independence. Encourages originality and creativity. Allows release of anger and promotes self worth.

boulder opal

Pearl-June's birthstone. Thought to encourage a sense of calm and promote loyalty. Is believed to help women connect with their inner goddess and obtain ultimate feminine energy.

Peridot-August's birthstone. Can be yellow/green, olive green, or brown. Is believed to inspire healing, growth, and purification. May aid in alleviating anger, jealousy, and irritability. Suggested to bring delight and good cheer. A great stone for healing the healer. 

petrified wood

Petrified Wood-Is fossilized trees and comes in a variety of colors. Is thought to create feelings of safety and security. Aids in calming survival based fears. Allows us to communicate with nature more freely. May help you advance to your highest chosen level.

Prehnite- Can be yellow/green or yellow/brown.  Is believed to help support bone, teeth, hair, and nail health. Allows openness to see the good. May aid in calming the environment around you. Thought to enable preparedness.


Pyrite-Commonly known as fools gold. Is suggested to form a shield for the wearer from negative energies and environmental pollutants. Promotes overal physical wellbeing and enhances willpower.

Rhodochrosite-Rose or peach colored with white banding. Is thought to stimulate love and passion but also energizes the soul. May aid in healing childhood's emotional wounds. Suggested to relieve depression by encouraging positivity.


Rhodonite-Pink or red with black inclusions. Is believed to help heal emotional shock and pain. May help to clear and activate the heart. Is thought to be able to balance emotions. Inspires compassion. 

Rose Quartz-Is thought to stimulate all forms of love and restore trust and harmony. Encourages deep healing and peace by increasing tolerance and forgiveness. 

rose quartz

Ruby-July's birthstone. Is suggested to help heal infections and reduce blood clots. Stimulates your zest for life, spontaneity, and laughter.

Sapphire-September's birthstone. Comes in a variety of colors (blue shown). Overall is thought to help maintain overall physical health. Releases metal tension and helps align the mental, physical, and spiritual planes. Stimulates lightness and joy.


Selenite-Is clear gypsum. Considered a calming stone because of its ability to bring deep inner peace. Aids in clearing confusion and allows vision of the whole picture. Is thought to promote spinal health and flexibility.

Shungite-Proven to contain fullerenes, which can boost regenerative abilities of human cells, while also boosting neurotransmitter exchange. Which together can help your resistance to stress. Also a great electromagnetic field blocker.  

smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz-Brown, black, or smoky gray. Fantastic grounding stone that can help you turn dreams into reality. Is considered detoxifying on all levels. Allows us to simplify our lives. Can also aid in combating depression and negativity. 

Sodalite-Is thought to stimulate objectivity, intuition, and rational thought. May aid in diffusing panic attacks. Can also help overcome calcium deficiencies. 

spinel black

Spinel-Comes in a variety of colors (black shown). Is believed to be grounding and aids in repelling negative energy. Can help you release resentments. May also be able to help alleviate sadness.


Sunstone-An orange to red/brown member of the feldspar family. May be able to boost leadership skills, and allows you to be your true self happily. Dissipates fear and stress. Can alleviate seasonal affective disorder. Thought to bring good luck.


Tanzanite-December's birthstone. Allows you to communicate with higher spiritual dimensions. May help to break the patterns of disease. Gives us the ability to slow down and enjoy life. This is a great stone for people who work too much.

Thulite-Is a red or pink form of zoisite. Is thought to help heal emotional and mental wounds from your past. Allows us to be passionate but in a realistic way. Especially strong is assisting with feelings of abandonment, neglect, self hatred, or self harm.

tigers eye

Tigers Eye-A form of chalcedony. Comes in golden, red, and blue varieties (golden shown). Overall is believed to promote clear thinking, resolution, and willpower. May be able to help heal psychosomatic illnesses.

Topaz-November's birthstone. Is thought to help direct energy in the proper directions. Is said to aid in creating good fortune. Promotes feelings of joy.

tourmaline black

Tourmaline-Wide range of colors (black shown). Overall is believed to promote self confidence, create inspiration and tolerance. May help hand-eye coordination. 

Black-Swallows negative energy and allows the wearer to release dark feelings. Through scientific studies, the properties of black tourmaline are considered plausible.


Turquoise-Can range in color from blue to green and even yellow and purple. Is thought to stabilize mood swings. May help in reducing depression and exhaustion. Can help dissipate panic attacks. Helps connections with everything in life. 


Zoisite-Is suggested that it can help us deal with feelings associated with grief, anger, and defeat. May also enhance dream recollection.